I was 21 years old, recently engaged to my first wife (she's also my current wife 😁) and I started hearing one of those sounds that car owners fear….as I applied my brake I heard a slight grinding sound from the front driver's side wheel.

I mentioned it to my fiancΓ©e, who asked her father to teach me how to do it. He said “no problem, just get here early tomorrow”. So instead of spending $100-$300 for a brake job, I paid less than $30 (just for the brake pads) and learned how to it myself. I learned from someone who has been changing brakes on cars for decades.

I learned how to replace brake pads by watching an expert and it saved me literally thousands of dollars since then. But when I wanted to learn Facebook ads….well let's just say I had to learn that on my own.

I started with Facebook ads about four years ago and wasted hundreds of dollars trying to figure out what type of ad, best targeting ideas and how to properly use a pixel (whatever THAT is). I always had the feeling I was missing some important step or check box that would just make it work. I looked around for training and people wanted hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Yeah, not gonna happen.

To be honest I've gotten better at Facebook ads over the years, at a very high cost and, I'm sure, lots of opportunities missed because of how I was trying to make things work. If I was starting today, however, things would be a lot different. For less than $20 ($13 this week!) I could learn from a seasoned Facebook ads trainer and get started right.

Since the whole “lockdown” that we've been dealing with, a funny thing has happened with the cost of Facebook ads. Since they started, they have basically gone up and up in cost per click. But since so many “brick-and-mortar” businesses have had to close Facebook's ad revenue has dropped significantly, so the cost per click has dropped as well. What that means for you is that there is NO BETTER time to get your business using Facebook ads or to start a business with Facebook ads as your prime lead and sales generator.

Jono Armstrong has teamed up with Rash Vin (one the best Facebook ads people on earth) to create Insurgency. It went on sale today, Tuesday, May 5, 2020.

Jono & Rash cover everything you need to get up and running. He starts by helping you setup your business manager. Then dives into a basic overview and explanation of the main features of Facebook ads. This is very helpful if you aren't familiar with how the “back-end” of Facebook ads works (let's be honest we've all seen the front end plenty of times 🀨).

A helpful review of the various ad types is next. It's important to understand which type of ad to use for which type of promotion you want. This is a lesson I learned the hard way (πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’²). But it's not enough to know what types of ads you can use you need to understand “audiences”. That's where Facebook ads really shine.

Because people share so much of their information and preferences on Facebook you can target exactly what type of person you want to see your ads. These are called “custom audiences”. Unlike print, tv, mailers or billboard advertising Facebook ads' custom audience selector can help your Classic Movie Theater business grow by sending your ad only to people interested in black and white movies, who like channels that show classic movies and live within 50 miles of your theater.

You will also discover the significance of the Facebook “pixel”. What it is, how to get it and how to optimize it for your goals. Which leads to the final part, putting all this together in a step by step walk-though on how to set up your very first Facebook ads campaign.

When you enter the Insurgency training program, here's the setup:

Left side are the links to your content and the bonuses from Jono (I've got 5 helpful bonuses as well, more on that in a minute). Then there's a link to some more unadvertised bonuses from Jono and then, on the right is the video player. Straightforward, get the job done style. Very user friendly.

If you would like to take a closer look at Insurgency, you can click on this link and see my video review page, with a link to purchase it there. I've included five bonuses that I think will help you with using Facebook ads and Facebook in general to grow your business.

Zero Hour Workday: trains you how to take your online business to the next level.

Effortless FB Profits: This course helps you use more than just Facebook ads to grow your business, any type of business through other features of Facebook, that are free.

FB Livewire: This report takes you on a deep dive into how to use Facebook Live to grow your business.

Incognito: This online training takes you through starting an online business without showing your face or using your voice online. If you want to keep it quiet until you're raking in the dough, or maybe you just value your privacy, this is the place to start.

101 Things To Do In Self-Isolation: Just a fun report to help you pass the time during quarantine. Some are easy, others take a while; some are fun, others are helpful.

All of these five bonuses are absolutely free to you if you follow this link, Insurgency, and grab this excellent training.

Based on the quality of training and information you will see in Insurgency, I highly recommend this product because of the researched and helpful information that takes you through the starting process all the way through running your first ads campaign. I give it a 5 out of 5 stars: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 and at under $20 (under $13 if you get it this week!), it's quite a deal.

Don't waste your money trying to figure it out on your own or paying someone thousands of dollars for this type of training. Years ago I took advantage of the fact that I knew someone (my fiancΓ©e) who knew someone (my future father-in-law) who could teach me how to do it. And now you should take advantage of the fact that you know someone (meπŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ!) who knows someone (Jono!) who can teach you how to do it.

If you want some other details you check out my full review video here. Please share with me your “learning the hard way” escapades below. Have a great week!

Lou, Chief Ignoramus